1st April: Assurance of Support Changes (NO April Fool’s joke)

On the 1st April, the Department of Home Affairs surprised us with a number of changes to the Assurance of Support (AoS) requirements. 

The following visa sub classes are affected by these changes:

  • 103 Parent

  • 114 Aged Dependent Relative

  • 115 Remaining Relative

  • 143 Contributory Parent

  • 804 Aged Parent

  • 835 Remaining Relative

  • 838 Aged Dependent Relative

  • 864 Contributory Aged Parent

  • 101 Child

  • 102 Adoption

  • 117 Orphan Relative

  • 151 Former Resident

  • 802 Child

  • 837 Orphan Relative

The changes came into effect on April 1, without prior notice given. Applications already in the system, but not yet decided are also affected.

Changes include a raise to the AoS bond payment by approximately 50%, depending on the visa subclass in question. E.g. for the s/c 143 Contributory Parent visa the new AoS bond is A$ 15,000 for the main applicant and A$ 6000 for an adult secondary applicant.

Further changes include a raise to the income threshold of person’s applying to become an Assurer of Support, as well as some new restrictions on who can be an Assurer of support. E.g. persons with outstanding debt to the Commonwealth and offshore persons are excluded under the new rules.

If you’re concerned about how these changes could affect your application please don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation.

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