3 new regional visas to replace the existing s/c 489 (Provisional Skilled Regional) and 187 (RSMS)

Starting from November 2019 the current Australian government intends to introduce three new regional skilled visas. At the same time the two existing regional visa subclassess (489 and 187) will be discontinued.

The proposed new visas are:

491 (Skilled Work Regional Provisional)

This visa will supposedly basically replace the existing s/c 489 it is therefore expected that the requirements will be similar.

494 (Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional Provisional)

This visa will have two streams: Employer Sponsored and Labour Agreement, so both streams will require a sponsoring employer to qualify.

191 (Skilled Regional Permanent)

This visa will only be available to applicants who held one of the provisional regional visas for three years before applying.

Further announcements are expected soon. If you would like to book a consultation with our registered migration agent to discuss your visa options please get in touch by using the online contact form.

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