Update on Australian Travel Ban

In a further Media Release the Australian government expanded on the new travel ban.

The existing travel ban, which primarily affects travelers from China, South Korea and Italy, will be extended. The new entry ban will take effect from 9pm AEDT Friday, 20 March 2020, with exemptions only for Australian citizens, permanent residents and their immediate family, including spouses, legal guardians and dependants.

New Zealand citizens who live in Australia as Australian residents are also exempt, as are New Zealanders transiting to New Zealand. Exemptions for Pacific Islanders transiting to their home countries will continue to apply.

Australian citizens and permanent residents and those exempt from our entry restrictions will continue to be subject to a strict 14 days self-isolation.

Australians looking to return home are urged to do so as soon as possible. This follows an upgraded travel advice for all Australians not to travel overseas, at all.

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