Health Criteria: Changes for applicants with a disability

All applicants and their immediate family members applying for a permanent visa to Australia (and some temporary visa applicants too) must pass the Departments ‘Health Criteria’. Applicants with a disability are assessed against a fee schedule, calculating what services they may require and an estimated costing to the Australian community.

On the 1st April the Department of Home Affairs introduced changes to the way how these cost calculations are completed, reflecting the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), which is funded by the Commonwealth. These changes are expected to have a big impact, especially on candidates applying for temporary visas. The fact that temporary visa holders are not eligible for certain services is now reflected in the calculation, making it easier for temporary visa applicants to pass the health criteria, despite a disability.

If you have concerns about a medical condition and how it may affect your visa application, feel free to contact our Registered Migration Agent for a consultation.

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