A new agricultural visa and changes to the Working Holiday Visa program

This week Boris Johnson and Scott Morrison agreed to a free trade deal between the United Kingdom and Australia. Part of the deal will also be a new agricultural visa, enabling farmworkers from the UK to spend time working in Australia and vice versa.

There will also be some important changes to the existing working holiday visa program for UK and Australian citizens. The current age limit of 30 years will get increased to 35 and the requirement to complete 88 days of specific work, to qualify for a second (or third) visa will be scrapped.

It is unclear yet, when the changes to the Working Holiday Visa will come into effect. The new agricultural visa is only at planning stage at the moment, i.e. legislation will need to get drafted, debated and enacted before it can come into effect. The changes to the existing Working Holiday Visa Program are likely to be implemented much quicker, however, no date has been set yet.

If you require assistance with your visa application or a consultation to find out your options please don’t hesitate to book a consultation.

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