Australia to open borders for certain fully vaccinated visa holders

The Department of Home Affairs announced that from 1/12/21 certain visa holders will no longer require a travel exemption if they’re fully vaccinated. The visa classes affected are:

  • s/c 200 Refugee visa
  • s/c 201 In country Special Humanitarian visa
  • s/c 202 Global Special Humanitarian visa
  • s/c 203 Emergency Rescue visa
  • s/c 204 Woman at Risk visa
  • s/c 300 Prospective Marriage visa
  • s/c 400 Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) visa
  • s/c 403 Temporary Work (International Relations) visa
  • s/c 407 Training visa
  • s/c 408 Temporary Activity visa
  • s/c 417 Working Holiday visa
  • s/c 449 Humanitarian Stay (Temporary) visa
  • s/c 457 Temporary Work (Skilled) visa
  • s/c 461 NZ Family Relationship visa
  • s/c 462 Work and Holiday visa
  • s/c 476 Skilled -Recognised Graduate visa
  • s/c 482 Temporary Skill Shortage visa
  • s/c 485 Temporary Graduate visa
  • s/c 489 Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa
  • s/c 491 Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa
  • s/c 494 Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) visa
  • s/c 500 Student visa
  • s/c 580 Student Guardian visa
  • s/c 785 Temporary Protection visa
  • s/c 790 Safe Haven Enterprise visa
  • s/c 870 Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa
  • s/c 988 Maritime Crew visa

If you require assistance with your visa application or would like to discuss your options with a Registered Migration Agent feel free to get in touch to book a consultation.

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