Temporary or Permanent Residency in Australia

Whether you just want to visit Australia, study in Australia or you want to stay in Australia permanently, you will need to find the appropriate visa for your purpose.

Permanent residency in Australia

…comes with full work and study rights. As a permanent resident you’ll be permitted to stay (and work) in Australia indefinitely subject to individual visa conditions. Common pathways to Australian permanent residency are: Parent Visas, Skilled Visas, Partner Visas, or Employer Sponsored Visas. Permanent Australian visas also offer a pathway to Australian citizenship.

Temporary visas for Australia

…are usually tied to certain conditions, such as a particular job or enrollment at a University.

Provisional visas for Australia

…are temporary in nature, but offer a pathway to permanent residency. Examples for provisional visas are Partner visas, and certain skilled visas such as the regional skilled migration program.

Australian Parent Visas
Australian Parent Visas

Parent Visas

This visa program allows Australian citizens or permanent residents to bring their parents to Australia. There are permanent as well as temporary options available. If you don’t have children in Australia, you may also qualify if you hold a valid s/c 405 Investor Retirement visa.

Australian Skilled Visa Program
Australian Skilled Visa Program

Skilled Visas

The Australian skilled migration program enables qualified professionals and trades persons to apply for permanent residency in Australia. The skilled program includes a points test. So it is crucial that you have solid English language skills, formal qualifications and (in most cases) work experience.

Australian Partner Visa
Australian Partner Visas

Partner Visa

You may have heard from defacto visas, fiance visas, partner visas or spouse visas. But all those visas belong to the same Australian visa category and are designed to bring your partner to Australia, regardless of whether you’re married, in a civil union or in a same-sex relationship.

AAT Appeals
Appeals at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal

AAT Appeals

There are a number of reasons why visa applications may be refused and end up at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

If this has happened to you and you would like to apply for merit review at the AAT, our Registered Migration Agent, Margot may be able to help you.

Employer Sponsored Visas for Australia
Employer Sponsored Visas for Australia

Employer Sponsored Visas

If you’re lucky enough to have found an employer in Australia you may qualify for an employer sponsored visa. The Australian employer sponsored visa program consists of temporary as well as permanent visa options.  Common for all these visa classes is that you will need a suitable employer, who is willing to sponsor you.

Australian Tourist visas
Australian Tourist Visas

Visitor Visas

Visitor visas can be granted for a variety of reasons, holidays, family visits or business visits. It is also possible to apply for visitor visas with a longer validity than the usual 3 months or with special access for frequent travellers from the PRC.

Not sure which Australian visa is right for you?

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